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Louisa May Alcott month


It’s May. Louisa May Alcott has a “May” in her name. Do you need any more reasons to read anything she wrote?

I was given a beautifully bound copy of Little Women for Christmas and thought it was a good time to read the full Little Women series – Little Women, Good Wives, Jo’s Boys, Little Men. I’ve read two of them before, but it’s been a fair while.

If you’re interested, comment below. I’ll do a round-up of posts towards the end of the month and will try to link up on my reviews during the month.



12 thoughts on “Louisa May Alcott month”

  1. I’ve had Little Women on my shelf for a few months and on my TBR for a couple of years, and this might just be the right push I need to finally pick it up. You see, I have many finals this months, but I’ll try my best. Happy May and happy reading.

    1. Yep, Good Wives is an immediate sequel to Little Women and they were published together in one volume, but it is not part of what I think of as “Little Women” – I’m 2/3 of the way into that and The Big Terrible Thing has not happened yet, so there’s definitely not another novel tacked on the end! It is less well known than the others.

  2. I love Louisa May Alcott and blog about her regularly. I just started reading Jo’s Boys for the first time and I like it better than Little Men. Little Women was a beautiful book. I love studying the family, fascinating group of people!

    I blog about Louisa regularly at If you’re going to blog about Louisa during the month of May, let me know (I’ll subscribe to your post) and I’ll reblog your posts on my site if you’d like (and let my FB page community know too.)

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