The Rory Gilmore Book List Challenge

Quite what inspired me to this madness, I have conveniently forgotten.

I know that a number of the readers of this blog are Gilmore Girls fans; for the rest of you, it’s a TV show about a mother and daughter, and the daughter (Rory) reads a lot.

Warner Bros. Television / Via
Warner Bros. Television / Via

Someone compiled a list of the 339 books which Rory is seen reading, carrying or is heard to mention over the course of the 7 seasons. The full list is here, and you can see how many you’ve read on this nifty page. I scored 32, although I didn’t tick four more that I think I’ve read but can’t be sure of. Mini-Me scored 26 plus 2.

Mini-me and I have decided we’re going to do the challenge.


Wish us luck!


11 thoughts on “The Rory Gilmore Book List Challenge”

  1. Wow. That’s a long list! I don’t remember them mentioning quite so many books on that show. But there are some great books on there, so it should be fun. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen several different lists about this, and I wonder if all of the books on there were published while Gilmore Girls ran? Then again, I’m no good with keeping track of publishing years..

    Anyway, this does seem like a fun challenge! A lot of variety in there, which should keep the reading interesting.. (I’m still in the process of counting which ones I’ve read..)

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