Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon – Sprinkling


Waiting to drive off to cricket at 11, waiting for the weather to make its mind… the men’s game at our club was called off yesterday and had we had any rain overnight ours would have been too but at the moment it’s all ok so we will see.

This week in reading has been slim – I’ve powered through Little Women part 1 and am now into Little Women part 2 (sometimes known as Good Wives) as part of Louisa May Alcott Month.

A book turned up in the post a few days ago which I’m offering as a giveaway

Once I’m through my currently scheduled Alcott binge, I’ll be moving onto The Moon Sisters as something that turned up as a review copy and looks pretty interesting. Oh, and the Rory Gilmore reading challenge.

Working really hard at the moment and feeling a little bit broken and worn out. Hopefully next week will be lighter (as 3 things that are ongoing come to a resolution).

And I’ve suddenly got really into Suits – watched all of Season 1 yesterday as I slumped about trying to get my joie de vivre back (I think it’s hiding under my laptop)!


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