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Gore-rating: high

Having finished Little Women including Good Wives last night, I headed to the to be read bookcase, review book shelf this morning and plucked down the fattest book on there. (A new approach to clearing the decks – start with the biggest one first.)

It was Chris Carter’s The Death Sculptor. So police procedural, so standard, right? The back cover stated “Gripping… not for the squeamish”, but I made it through the Millennium trilogy so that’s nothing for me, right?

Turns out I couldn’t make it past page 10. It wasn’t that I felt ill (although as they got further into the description of just what had happened to the victim, I might have done!), I found the whole text abhorrent and had no interest at all in continuing to read.

happy blood

I’ve written on this topic before (hmm, can’t find the link from the last time I gave up on a book in a few pages because it was just too gross) – that I generally don’t react to violence in books, although I can’t tolerate it in films. So there comes a point (where I can’t tolerate the violence in a book) where I think, what’s the point? Why write this? Intended to shock? Maybe – but that’s unlikely to help sales from Simon & Schuster (who kindly sent the book for review!) under “Fiction/Thriller”. It needs a separate category “Gore-tastic”.

Is it hypocritical of me to be shocked by a certain threshold of violence and then be surprised that anyone writes past that threshold… when others have other thresholds?


2 thoughts on “Gore-rating: high”

  1. I read a lot of crime but I have my limits on levels of violence too… I suppose everyone’s has different levels and I’d say I’m far from squeamish but too much simply isn’t my idea of entertainment!

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