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Sunday Salon – Semi-circles


I write from 3G’s sofa; she’s doing a last minute AS Maths tutoring session with Mini-Me while I “supervise” aka catch up on my and everyone else’s blogging. They’re not talking about semi-circles yet but no doubt will be soon.

This week: 28 hours by the end of Tuesday, but then home before 6.15pm on Thursday and Friday. I presented in a pitch on Wednesday which was crazy and scary but I survived and (I hope) it went quite well. We’ll see whether we get the work.

Fortunately, the worst of the work deadlines are behind me, the sun is out, we had a ride on one of the new buses… it’s a nice Sunday.

Finished Little Women including Good Wives this week, then tried to pick up something else (Chris Carter’s The Death Sculptor) but put that down again very quickly. Not sure what this next week holds for me in terms of reading material.



1 thought on “Sunday Salon – Semi-circles”

  1. Got through Little Women (1+2) and Little Men ( which is a bit plodding and preachy). Am taking a break as my spouse graduated yesterday ( 2 degrees..2 summa cum laude) and am skipping through a couple of mysteries:Board Stiff by Kendal Lynn(reviewed on Goodreads) and Weedless Widow by Debbie Morgan. THEN I’ll read Jo’s Boys….als

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