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Monthly round-up: May (and a blog introspection)

Well, in May, I tried to make it Louisa May Alcott month. And then work hit. As usual…

I read The Divorce Papers (very good), abandoned Once Upon a Timepiece and raced through Little Women. I haven’t opened a book in about two weeks now though.

I’m not really sure what to do re blogging; the books pile up (bought, requested, borrowed, unsolicited) much to the despair of the Physicist and the Rower, and remain unread. Even when they are read, they remain unreviewed (I have at least 30 reviews to write, some are more than 2 years old).

Partly I blame my much shorter commute (my sole cause of complaint about the shorter commute and trust me, I recognise it as a very tiny complaint in the grand scheme of things) which means I don’t have the hours of reading time I used to. It’s not an issue to get on the tube without a book, as I’ll be off it again within 20 mins at the most. It’s the perfect amount of time to read and reply to some emails, check twitter and newsblur and maybe play a game of dots or two.

Work is cumulatively exhausting too. Most Saturday mornings I’m not fit for human company, being altogether worn out by 45-50 hours of decision making Monday-Friday. Over the summer I have the benefit of cricket matches on Sunday, which force me to do something totally unrelated to work for at least a fixed period of several hours (although the last match I played, I did take my work with me and cleared a ton of emails during our batting innings!) but also then deprives me of that second day of the weekend, so I feel like I have to get all the weekend-y things (like laundry) done on the Saturday. I also have a lot of long drives; this year I’m hoping to get through a fair batch of audiobooks on the long drives to and from Bedfordshire and other far-flung parts of the UK.

Any ideas, people? I want to be A Reader. I just seem to be failing at the actual Reading part.


2 thoughts on “Monthly round-up: May (and a blog introspection)”

  1. Yeah… I can relate. I haven’t blogged since January (!), also to blame mostly on too much work, and life in general. It’s exhausting and for the most part, distinctively un-fun. I wish I had the motivation to keep blogging, but then I think about having to upload pictures and having to string words into actual coherent sentences and I’m like… nawwww. I hope you keep it up, the Interwebs would miss you!

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