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Holiday time!

After a weird month, which hasn’t been terribly hard work (except occasionally, for a day, like today – I should clarify – this was written on Tuesday!) but has been completely exhausting, I am off to Croatia for 5 days.

The Physicist is competing in the European Bridge Championships (stop laughing, you in the back, it’s a proper mind-sport) which are in the tiny seaside town of Opatija, and you can only fly to Rijeka (nearest airport) from London on a Wednesday, so off we go for a few days’ holiday before the tournament. I’m going to head back to London on Sunday, when the card play has started. It may or may not be our first holiday together since our honeymoon.*

My plans entirely consist of:

1. Don’t get sunburnt. I got horrendously sunburnt on the back of my neck ten days ago, and I’d forgotten just how unpleasant it is. Having now had to cut the tags out of a succession of collars of work shirts, I’m not in a rush to be sunburnt again.

2. Don’t open my work email. ‘Nuff said.

3. Read lots of books. I’m taking these, plus a Kindle…


4. Catch up on my life, and my blog.

So, see ya later!

* I lie, we went to France with 8 people and a baby (not ours) in July 2012.


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