Thoughts and other Miscellany

Sunday Salon – slumpy


I am TIRED. I did play some cricket earlier today and score a few runs and then bowl 5 overs, but still. Tired.

Work is ok although the usual unexpected “we want to sign all of these by 30 June” rush on accounts. Never mind, we always get there in the end.

The summer in Bedfordshire is opening up in front of me… I went to get a new car radio installed the other day because I cannot face another summer of so much time on the road, listening to podcasts through a handsfree earpiece. Apart from the fact that the guy didn’t install it properly so it forgets its presets every time I switch off the car, I’m delighted with my all-singing and dancing purchase. It does Bluetooth handsfree and connects to my phone with a USB cable and plays stuff off my phone including podcasts and Spotify, and is generally excellent.

Cricket has gone ok this season in general.

Since I got back from Croatia, I’ve only picked up one or two books – something (I can’t even remember what it was) got binned early in the week, and I’m making slow but enjoyable progress through Sebastian Faulks’ A Week in December. I LOVE novels set in London that really show off their knowledge of London. This one even has a Tube driver in it.

What should I be reading next? I’m trying to be a bit ruthless at the moment… need to clear some of these books off my desk and get charging through the bookshelves.


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