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Sunday Salon – speedy Jack!


So… despite Halfords’ best attempts to waste all of my weekend with both corporate and staff incompetence, this is the newest addition to the RWT stable… meet Jack!


OK so Jack looks a little different from this picture (credit: Halfords website), because

a) he has pedals

b) he has a pannier rack to help him carry all my stuff.

Notes on a name: my first car, the beloved white Nissan Micra, 10 years old at date of acquisition, was called Algernon. My current car is called Bunbury. My lovely trusty bike which has carried me thousands of miles around London and specifically 100km around London overnight a few months ago, is called Cecily. If you can’t spot the theme, go read some Oscar Wilde.

Notes on a purchase: I did the Nightrider on Cecily, and didn’t have too much of a problem with the distance, but the hills nearly killed me*. As the German, my cycling buddy, whizzed off into the distance up Alexandra Palace hill on her beautiful road-bike, Cecily and I chugged up the first quarter of each hill and then I gave up and walked. Cecily is lovely, but a heavy, large, entry-level hybrid. While I’m not going to throw Cecily out or sell her, it was time for an upgrade for special occasions and long cycles to work.

*OK I’m exaggerating.

Work re-opened their cycle to work scheme, so £430 of bike and bike stuff is going to cost me £360 over a year, pre tax so really that’s about £250 of take home income. Plus the service was so appalling that they threw in a bunch of accessories for free so I ended up with a serious lock and a bike cleaning kit that I wasn’t expecting. Which is a win (considering the 2.5 hrs it took me to pick up the bike today and the 40 mins of a wasted trip yesterday).

I know this has nothing to do with books.


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