Sunday Salon – Big Apple!

So. We signed the accounts of the company whose summer audit takes me out of London for months on end. I got back to London. I’m now in New York, where I will be for a few days, then back to London. Then a short trip to Rome for a little holiday, and then I settle into autumn in London. It’s all go-go-go around here!

Went wandering about in New York today. On Claire’s recommendation, I took the subway (which is really not as good as the Tube in London!) down to McNally Jackson Books in downtown, where I then spent a very pleasant hour browsing. I ended up buying The Patron Saint of Liars (affiliate link) by Ann Patchett, who wrote one of my favourite books (Bel Canto), and admiring their Book Espresso machine (though I didn’t get to see it in action). Then a cross-town detour for lunch to S’Mac (which was just as good as the last time I went there and has again inspired me to try to make mac n cheese when I get home again), then back again to walk on the High Line (which is even better than it looks/sounds). A very productive and not hugely expensive shopping trip then totally flattened me (might have been the jetlag) so have retreated to the hotel room. Dinner with my colleague soon then tomorrow morning the work starts!

Blogging has been a total non-event for me this year. The combination of occasionally insane work hours (although normally this is a high average of work hours for a long period, but no one week of insanity – the worst it got was two weeks in September where I just crept over the 60 hour week mark), a much shorter commute than at the previous house (aim not complaining – that’s why we pay the premium to live in Zone 1!) and general tiredness (see below) has combined to mean I’ve read one book in 3 months. And it wasn’t very good at that. So blogging has followed. Never mind, we do this for fun, right?
The reason for the general tiredness is the same reason I’ve been reading this a lot…
Exciting, huh? You won’t see me talk much about baby RWT here given my pretty strong beliefs about internet privacy. But all going ok so far. “Publication date” set for February…
(I tried today to take a photo of this book on my Kindle, propped on the bump. I failed.)

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