Thoughts and other Miscellany

Some recent DNFs

I’ve struggled with some books recently and a recognition that I have too many of them means I am abandoning them pretty quickly. I thought I’d make a note here of them.

Torn by Casey Hill. I really enjoyed Taboo, but something in the writing here just irritated me too much.

The Silversmith’s Wife by Sophia Tobin. This was a review copy that had been loitering in my house for a very long time, and when I finally cracked it open on the commute this week, I found the incredibly short chapters which constantly switched perspective and time (before and after a death) too much.

The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. Iris raves about Jansson, as do many others, but I’ve struggled with her before and again the slow, simple writing irritated me. I imagine she writes extremely well for children.

I’ve been depositing them at the Oval Tube bookswap shelf, which looks like it does a roaring trade (certainly in terms of people taking books from it). While I don’t permit myself to take books (I’ve got more than enough at home) it’s a very convenient place to drop them off! Plus I always get an enthusiastic thank you from the station staff, especially if I’m dropping off multiple books.

(pictures are affiliate links, if you really want to check the books out on Amazon…)


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