Inner Peace for Busy People – Joan Borysenko – 8/10

“Remember that letting people help you gives them an opportunity to be kind. Refusing help is a subtle kind of selfishness, you know.”

Inner peace2

In this simple and approachable book, Borysenko sets out weekly strategies for bringing a little more serenity into fraught daily lives.

I did not expect to get on with this one, but at no point was I bored reading it (and on one occasion I had a panic on the Tube, thinking I’d missed my stop!). Borysenko doesn’t talk down the way I had expected; instead I think her aim is that if a reader can implement 3 or 4 of the 52 weeks’ worth of strategies, she will have done some good.

The strategies are simple but memorable and crucially, varied – this is not 200 pages on why one should take up meditation.

I read it straight through as an ebook, bookmarking lots of passages (including the names of other books the author cites) but am tempted to buy a dead-tree copy to keep on the shelf and flick through.

Additional information:

Apparently I bought this on the Kindle. Suspect it was a £0.99 deal?
Publisher: Hay House, 228 pages
Order Inner Peace for Busy People: 52 Simple Strategies for Transforming Lifefrom Amazon*
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1 thought on “Inner Peace for Busy People – Joan Borysenko – 8/10”

  1. Will have to pick up a copy of this. Inner peace is definitely what I need to get me through the house-hunting process.

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