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Now corrected – chocolate BARS not chocolate bras…

Totally off-topic today.

Is it any surprise that I like chocolate? It fills the gap between cups of tea very nicely. Some of my favourite chocolates, all of which aren’t made in the UK and therefore either have to be bought at ridiculous import prices or bought overseas and saved up, are:

Ritter Sport, especially the dark chocolate and marzipan one. It is totally impossible not to eat the entire 16 squares at once.

Mint Slice biscuits, made by Arnott’s in Australia. These, believe it or not, are greatly improved in taste, texture and longevity (at least, duration of time they can be in my house before I eat them) by keeping them in the freezer.

Violet Crumble and Cherry Ripe chocolate bars, again Australian. These are The Musician’s and The Book Accumulator’s favourite Aussie chocolate bars respectively so always seemed like a huge treat. And they’re so yummy.

Golden Rough (again, Australian) – this is a pretty cheap 6/7cm disc of milk chocolate with coconut mixed through it. So good.

Oh, and Choco Leibniz and Ohne Gleichen biscuits from Germany as well.

The common factor for most of these is dark chocolate. Do we just like dark chocolate less in the UK?

What are your favourite chocolates?


5 thoughts on “Chocolate”

  1. We have a few Ritters available here ( we are 60 miles south of Canadian border which may influence that..not sure actually) Choco Leibniz and Ohne Gleichen can also be found at Wegmans. Violet Crumble …that is to die for, but again…60 miles north 😦 and haven’t seen it here) I adore those little choclates filled with Kirschwasser you can get in Germany. There’s a version imported, but not Kirsch

  2. My favourite chocolate is Green & Blacks butterscotch flavour milk chocolate, but their almond milk choc and burnt toffee dark choc are also amazing. And organic! And British! But they did get bought by Cadburys who then got bought by Kraft so I don’t feel quite so warm and fuzzy about them, but I still love the chocolate a lot.

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