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Anne’s House of Dreams

Anne's House of Dreams

Inspired by Eva, I am re-reading Anne’s House of Dreams (on the Kindle app of my very shiny new phone). Is there anyone who doesn’t love Anne of Green Gables? At one point in my childhood I had 5 copies of AOGG, given to me by assorted well-intentioned relatives; they laboured unloved on my shelves. One summer when I must have been 12 or 13 (?) I suddenly tore through the series; my objections to the first few pages of AOGG were overruled by the next few – and the thousand after that.

And I’m now of the right age to match Anne in her House of Dreams! (have been for a few years, but shhh) The writing is just as delicious as I remembered.

Back to the book.

(also I have my second cold in 3 weeks, despite the flu vaccination since the first cold, and am feeling very sorry for myself)


10 thoughts on “Anne’s House of Dreams”

  1. I should have had one of your copies of AOGG – this is one of my childhood favourites that I never owned and would endlessly borrow from the library (along with the rest in the series) Wonderful memories because I used to be thrilled when it was back on the shelf for me to borrow again.

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