Advent with Alcott

Advent with… Alcott!

Having in previous years done Advent with Austen (big success) and Advent with Atwood (meh), and totally failed to get Louisa May Alcott month off the ground in May, a group of us (Iris, Ana, Alex, Lyndsey and I) are doing Advent with Alcott.


I’ll be finally writing a review of Little Women, having read it in May, and hopefully getting around to reading Good WivesJo’s Boys and Little Men.

Will you join in? Anything Louisa May Alcott-related during Advent (Nov 30 — Dec 24) counts. Post your thoughts on your blog and let us know about them, or join the conversation on twitter (#AWAlcott).

There will be a group watch of the 1994 Little Women movie, date to be announced shortly.


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