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The Sunday Salon – Ciphers and Secrecy


We went to see The Imitation Game yesterday, the new film about Alan Turing and the codebreakers in WWII who broke the Enigma code. Benedict Cumberbatch was wonderful, as expected; I was delighted to see Matthew Goode put in another good period drama performance (I thought he was excellent in “Brideshead Revisited” a few years ago and have been watching out for him ever since) and Keira Knightley did a very creditable job in a tricky role.

I really enjoyed the film; the Physicist and Ma & Pa Physicist, all of whom were with me, were more put off by the historical inaccuracies (they know much more of the “truth”) and the fact that the film didn’t seem to be able to choose between being a sweeping war romance (which it was never going to be) and a seriously factual spy film. Much as with A Beautiful Mind, I didn’t mind the middle ground at all.

This week, I’ve read Cocaine Blues, the first of the Phryne Fisher novels (recently received as a birthday present), and started on Flying Too High, the second. They’re short and easy reads, but very enjoyable too.

Other news this week? Not much. Read on, folks, and go see The Imitation Game.


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