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Booking Through Thursday – Quantity

Last week’s Booking Through Thursday:

How much do you actually read? Few of us get as much time as we’d really LIKE for reading, but do as much as we can, so … how many books do you read? How many hours a day?

As I said in my monthly round-up of November, I’ve read 32 books in 2014 up to the end of November, and am hoping for 40 by the end of 2014 overall. I read in big clumps on holidays:

March holiday in Sydney: 4 books in 10 days

June holiday in Opatija: 3 books in 5 days

October holiday in Rome: 6 books in 6 days

So if you take out my holiday reading, I’ve actually only read 19 books in 11 months. I do blame the much shorter commute and a lot of Baby RWT-related tiredness. I’m now making more of an effort to read on the commute – even though my commute is usually only about 10 minutes on any one train, that’s 10-15 pages, twice a day, plus maybe a bit at lunch and a little bit in the evening if I go to bed early enough… on a really good day for reading, I might clock up an hour of reading.


2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Quantity”

  1. I think reading amounts fluctuate according to the amount of time available – I’m not a big fan of grabbing a few pages so I rarely read unless I know I have a decent amount of time. Good luck in fitting more reading time into your busy day.

  2. I will reach my GoodReads goal of 200 sometime this month. I look at my stats and say….I really read all this….wow! And it included beta reads, GoodReads and other wins, and meeting chalenges I took on. I’ve sign on to five next year

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