Opera in 6 words

As I got off the Tube yesterday, I saw an advert for La Boheme at the English National Opera. I won’t be going, because Italian opera was made to be sung in Italian, but it reminded me of a cultural trip that three of us made to the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year to see La Boheme there.Boheme

Ever verbose, the Rower summed it up as “Boy meets girl, girl dies anyway”. Which is entirely true, if ignoring the beauty of the music somewhat.

Anyway, thinking about this, I came up with a couple of other “opera in 6 words” on my walk home last night. They’re all Italian operas, though not all by Verdi. Answers/guesses in the comments please!

  • Girl meets boy, girl dies anyway (this is totally different to “Boy meets girl, girl dies anyway”)
  • Witches, ambition, madness, hallucinations. Much death.
  • Ambition, jealous, handkerchief, murder. Much regret.
  • Girl interrogated. Fake execution real. Shocker.
  • Father finds lost daughter. Dies anyway.
  • Jealousy everywhere. Easter Chorus. Mamma! Dead.
  • Circus affair, lovers dead. Comedy over.

Go on then…


1 thought on “Opera in 6 words”

  1. Well, it wouldn’t be fair for me to answer (insider knowledge) but I thought I’d add some Wagnerian ones: 1)girl, boy, drink, love, betrayal, death. 2)Boy shoots swan. Wanders. Becomes king. 3) Boy arrives on swan. Loves. Leaves. 4)Dwarf steals gold from river. Explain. And one for the Strauss experts: boy loves woman, then girl. No-one dies. 🙂

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