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Top Ten Tuesday – New-to-me authors in 2014


Because Booking Through Thursday often doesn’t post until too late in the day for me (thanks to time differences), I have decided that on Thursdays I’ll either answer a Booking Through Thursday question or a Top Ten Tuesday question (the latter are run on The Broke and The Bookish blog), although I might let myself stop at 5 rather than going all the way to a list of 10! This week’s:

December 9: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014

1. Jonas Jonasson. I read and loved both The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of The Window And Disappeared and The Girl Who Saved the King of SwedenI need him to write some more, and quickly.

2. Anna Dean – Bellfield Hall was very enjoyable and I’d happily read more of hers as well.

3. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – I’ve owned Half of a Yellow Sun (I think in both paperback and audiobook form!) for several years now, but it was the release of Americanah that introduced me to Adichie. A slow start, but I ended up really enjoying it, and will definitely be looking out for more of her writing.

4. Sebastian Faulks – this was the year I finally read some Faulks. In June. And I still haven’t written the review. Which is probably a good indicator of how hard it is to write about A Week in December.

5. Barbara Rogan – A Dangerous Fiction was a good start. I’ll be interested to see what else she writes.

6. Francois Lelord – Hector and the Search for Happiness. I wasn’t impressed (review not yet written).

7. Colum McCann – Let The Great World Spin. I still haven’t reviewed this because like A Week in December, there’s just too much to write about.

8. Joan Didion – The Year of Magical Thinking – still not sure what I think about this one. I have to admit to not being in a huge hurry to read anything more of hers.

9. Joanna Rakoff – My Salinger Year. This was a NetGalley find, but I really enjoyed it.

10. Kerry Greenwood – Cocaine Blues and Flying Too High (not yet reviewed). I had talked about how I was keen to start the Phryne Fisher series, and when The German got me the first two books in the series for my birthday, I raced through them. Looking forward to getting into the rest of the series.


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