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The Sunday Salon – Slowly slowly


You know how everyone says “how is it December already?”? For me, this week, it’s “how is this my last week at work before maternity leave already?”! Yes, I feel like I’m the size of a whale (with 2 months still to go!), baby RWT is clearly practicing wriggling into the most comfortable reading position, and I’m totally over commuting by public transport (even though this nifty badge normally gets me a seat…), but where did the last 6 months go???

baby on board badge

I’ve managed to hand over almost all my clients already, just got a bit of admin left on a few (like the invoices that have been sitting in my inbox for Quite A While needing sorting out) and a few sets of financial statements to get signed, and we’re done. Phew. I am starting to feel like I might do this on my last day at work though…


The work Christmas party last week was fun – arriving just in time for food rather than for the drinking beforehand (there’s nothing 7-month-pregnant teetotallers enjoy more than standing around watching other people get drunk, and getting very hungry…) meant the only seat left was at the “kids’ end” of the table with our 2nd and 3rd years, where I actually had a great time. It probably helps that I’m only 2-3 years older than most of them.

I’m so nearly done with Christmas shopping, having managed to organise or share Christmas presents for the Physicist’s family (which is big) – last present was ordered this morning and will be in the post in a few days. My own family, which is much smaller, is somewhat more challenging! But as long as Mini-Me answers my email with a logistical query SOON (hint hint in case she’s reading this!), we’re all set. The other thing I’ve learnt is that I thought it would be really easy and comfortable to sit on the floor and wrap Christmas presents (the way I always do) because there would be plenty of space for the bump. Wow was I wrong about that.


(I might have to sit there in my wrongness. Then hoist myself up in search of TV and an episode of West Wing.)

It being my last few days at work, reviewing has taken a bit of a hit! There’s a pile of books that I keep carrying upstairs to review on the sofa, then carrying back down to the study a few days later when I decide to be productive there instead… Never mind. That’s what Christmas holidays are for, right?

Oh and the other thing that has got in the way of my reviewing has been some PAID translation work… I’m putting a little bit more effort (i.e. a non-zero amount) into my translation business and trying to pick up a bit of work and make some contacts, now that I will have some time off before baby RWT arrives. So yesterday I translated 4000 words of a transcribed charity focus group while watching the cricket. Why someone wanted the exact transcription is beyond me, but hey, if they were willing to pay me…

I’m looking forward to our watch-along of the 1990s Little Women film tonight as part of Advent with Alcott – you’ll be able to find Iris, Ana, Alex and me watching it at 5.30pm (UK time) on Twitter at @irisonbooks, @nymeth, @thesleeplessreader and of course @readingwithtea – we’ll probably be using #awalcott as our tag.


Also, it’s that time of year when Australia is playing Test cricket in the middle of the UK night and I get a little bit obsessed (and therefore talk about cricket here A LOT). One of the reasons we shell out for Sky TV is to be able to watch the overnight cricket (including on the iPad without getting out of bed…), and record it to enjoy at a more sociable hour. This week was the first Test between Australia and India in the current series, and at 6am on Saturday morning (with 90 minutes left in a 5 day match), I was on the sofa with breakfast, coffee and mobile phone in hand, frantically texting The Book Accumulator (who at least was in the right timezone for the cricket) with score updates as the possible outcomes veered back and forth between Australia, India, a draw or even a tie. Thankfully our off-spinner (who I have discovered is only 3 days older than me) came good and spun his way through the last of the Indian resistance to give Australia a narrow win. At which point I could go back to bed for a few hours. But it was tense. And this is what we cricket tragics love about Test cricket – it can go on for 5 days and be totally gripping in the last hours.

Having then caught up on my sleep, it was time to catch up on the cricket that I’d missed during the week by being either at work or asleep. Foolish. So I spent yesterday on the sofa, watching the recorded cricket at “live” speed (i.e. not highlights) while I did the translation. I’ve caught up to the middle of day 3. Given that there are fewer total days of international cricket in a year than there are days in a year, the Rower was suggesting I could manage to watch every single ball of international cricket in 2015. I’m tempted to give it a shot but I fear it might lead to cricket burnout.

And of course this match was particularly emotional being the first after the tragedy of Phillip Hughes’ death in a freak accident. On the first day it felt a bit over-egged, all the tributes and highlights and the batsmen’s reactions to every milestone, but I get it. And the applause for the news that Sean Abbott, the bowler who will forever be known as the one who bowled That Ball to Hughes, was back on the field and taking wickets for New South Wales, was genuine and good to see.

Smith tribute

Oh one more thing, my baby cousin (who is 18) has been picked as the development rookie for the Sydney Sixers… which means he gets to train with them all the time (and there are some serious heroes of ours in that team) and that my Big Bash allegiances are set for this season. OK, enough about cricket for this week. There’s more next week.


1 thought on “The Sunday Salon – Slowly slowly”

  1. There can never be enough talk about cricket. And excerpts from Big Bang and West Wing. And talk about babies and books.. Keep it all coming!

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