Thoughts and other Miscellany

Recent DNFs – ARCs

A couple of review copies whic haven’t made the cut recently…

Spying in High Heelsby Gemma Halliday – I was about 20 pages into this when I had to give up on it. So much drama in

Dear Committee Membersby Julie Schumacher – about which I have only seen good things online! But I wasn’t grabbed by this, it felt very small and negative.

The Ascendantby Alethia Crowe – this sounded like Gods Behaving Badly and I was very excited about reading it, and then I read the first 20 pages and was totally confused. There was a priest in ancient Greece being robbed/killed, and some revisionist backstory about the Greek gods, and… I just didn’t get it.

The Stud Book by Monica Drake – this was perhaps an unwise choice for me given current events in the RWT household, but I got about 60 pages into this and decided I’d had enough. The characters were too exaggerated for me, too concentrated on one aspect (their reproductive abilities). Out it went.

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