Last day at work for a while…

It’s my last day at work today for Quite Some Time as I go on maternity leave from this evening. While I have every expectation of some emails needing dealing with next week and probably a couple in January, it feels like quite a big day as I prepare to take my first break of more than 4 weeks from a job I’ve had for 6 1/2 years.

To that end, I’ve compiled some lists. Because that’s what I do.

Things I will not miss while on maternity leave:

1. Struggling up 3 flights of stairs at London Bridge from the Jubilee line while heavily pregnant. Last night I actually spent 10 minutes finding the step-free way to get around London Bridge. Turns out there is a way with escalators but it only works in the evenings.

2. Deadlines that come out of nowhere.

3. Sitting in the office at 5.30, thinking “I could go home now, but the Tube will be horrible… I’ll just stay here for another 90 minutes or so until it’s cleared and the off-peak pricing has kicked in.”

4. Wearing stockings. Seriously. Do you know how hard it is to put on stockings when you can’t balance properly on one leg?

5. Paying 90p for tea because I don’t have access to a kettle.

Things I am excited about for maternity leave:

1. Time to read.

2. Time to cook and try out some different recipes.

3. Wearing jeans every day.

4. Getting more into my translation business

5. Meeting a new reader!

(I’m fully aware that that “time to” will only last as long as Baby RWT decides to stay cosily inside!)


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