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Sunday Salon – Shopping


As our Christmas presents this year, The Physicist and I agreed to go to a bookshop and splurge up to a pre-agreed limit. Santa also had a little shopping to be finalised. So off we toddled (very slowly, in my case!) to Waterstones Piccadilly. What we bought will be revealed in due course, but it was so much fun to spend £50 £65 totally guilt-free on books for myself, and P looked pretty happy with his haul too.

Which brings me to a question. What is your approach to a bookshop?

My approach is to head straight for the bookseller picks, the bestseller fiction, and then to the fiction section, focussing on litfic, crime and anything that I’ve seen mentions of recently that I’m particularly interested in. I’d picked out 8 books in 20 minutes, and then Santa was finished in another 15 minutes as well.


P’s approach is to make a bee-line for the sci-fi/fantasy section, find one book, and spend as long reading it as possible. When he’s finally dragged out of the bookshop (usually by my need for coffee), he’ll happily buy whatever it was that he’s just spent the last hour “browsing”, plus whatever else is to hand.




7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Shopping”

  1. For me it depends – if I’m looking for a particular book, I’ll make a beeline for that to get it done, and then start with the booksellers’ picks and new arrivals. If I’m just there for a nosey and to see what’ll take my fancy, I’ll start in the section I’m most in the mood for.

  2. I begin the same way as you, but have to read at least the first five pages of each book chosen before I know whether I’ll like the writing. If I get caught up in the story, the purchasing process has been known to be delayed by over an hour or two, which probably doesn’t come under the ‘efficiency’ heading. Whatever approach you take, it’s all about the result, isn’t it?!

  3. Ha, sounds like you and the physicist are a lot like Tim and I in a bookshop. I head for the staff picks, then the lit fic. He heads for the sci-fi and comics. When those sections are lacking he browses the non-fiction. And though he teases me for all the books I own, he will always find something for himself. I have no problem picking a book or two, but actually having the freedom to buy more than that is so rare I’m not sure how I’d handle it!

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