The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy – Vicki Iovine – 6/10

“Now is the time for a reappraisal of your relationship with your bed pillows. They will grow to become your best friends, not only the one or two that you have always known and loved, but all the new pillows you will buy (or steal from your husband) to help them in their duties.”


Vicki Iovine, veteran of the birthing suite x 4, is here to save you from all the conflicting pre-baby advice. With humour.

I have to say, I thought this was going to be funnier than I found it. Only at two points (and now, of course, I cannot find them to quote them) did I actually burst out laughing. Some of the time I smiled, the rest of the time it was just, you know, a normal book.

What I did like about this was that it felt very real. Like Iovine had gathered the experiences of Actual Humans and not the magical birthing droids who live in What to Expect. She has examples from an array of her girlfriends, which was quite reassuring.

Worth a read, but definitely when I did, towards the end of pregnancy when you’ve already read the whole internet. And more for a light bit of reading than for side-splitting hilarity or particularly sage advice.

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Additional info
Copy borrowed from the Musician, along with a bunch of other baby/pregnancy books. 
Publisher: Pocket Books, 262 pages (paperback)
Order The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy from Amazon*or Waterstones.

* this is an affiliate link – I will be paid a small percentage of your purchase price if you use this link, which goes towards give-aways and site hosting

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