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What Santa brought

I mentioned we did a spot of book shopping before Christmas. This is what turned up under the tree for me… (click for bigger pictures)


Which contained…

RWT books


A couple of books I’ve heard loads about (Capital, Stoner), a couple by favourite authors (OffshoreSycamore Row and The Watcher in the Shadows), and lots of new mysteries, with a slight tendency to the cozy rather than the gory. I particularly liked the look of Death on the Cherwell and The Shadow of Death, being set in Oxford and Cambridge respectively!

My parcels under the tree also included an Audible membership and some wireless headphones for the imminent middle-of-the-night wakefulness expected to arrive in February!

And what Santa brought The Physicist:

Physicist books(not that there’s a theme here or anything!)



5 thoughts on “What Santa brought”

  1. I used to love getting piles of books from Santa…now it’s Amazon vouchers so that I might add to my kindle. I do, however, continue to buy ‘books’ myself every now and again. I like to keep my bookcase well stocked!

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