Book blogging challenges: 2015 edition

I went on a massive challenge binge in 2012 and TOTALLY failed. So I’m setting my sights a little lower this year. There’s a reasonable amount of cross-over in the list below, and I’m keeping a spreadsheet on my computer and individual pages here on the blog.

Genre-based challenges

The Classics Club

This blog started as a pre-wedding effort to read more classic literature. I still have my original list (and the woeful progress I’ve made against it!) – but the Classics Club has been running for a few years now and people seem to be enjoying it, so I’m going to join in.

An actual list of books to be read

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

Mini-Me and I decided to start doing this nearly a year ago and we haven’t made any official progress. So I’m hereby stating my intention to make some progress.

Aussie Author Challenge

Being permanently expatriated by my head rather than my heart, I have a surfeit of Australian fiction on the shelves. Time to get stuck into some of it! Aiming low with this one – just 3 books to start with (Wallaby level). Interestingly the rules are that one author must be male, one female, and one new-to-me.

Reading style/Mount TBR challenges

The Audiobook Challenge

I mentioned that I got an Audible membership for Christmas, and I have access to a reasonable selection of audiobooks through assorted London libraries. And I said I wanted to try to read 10 audiobooks this year… so I’m signing up to the challenge at the “Weekend Warrior” level – 6-10 books.

The TBR Pile Challenge

Pretty much what it says on the tin – 12 books that have been on my shelves for more than a year, plus 2 alternates in case any of those 12 prove impassible. Because of the strange way my books are organised / not organised, I’m actually limiting this to not only books that have been on my shelves for more than a year, but books that I have borrowed from other people that have been on my shelves for more than a year – because that’s the only category (borrowed) that is confined to one shelf!

The Hard Heart Reading Challenge

This is about doing something about those books that have been sitting on my shelves for more than 2 years i.e. since at least 01 Jan 2013. Realistically, the majority of those books have been there since before June 2012 which means they’ve moved house with us TWICE. That’s just silly. I’ll aim to get 6-10 books in this category. And again, probably from the “borrowed” section of the shelf I mentioned above!

The Library Challenge

Perhaps counter-intuitively to the efforts to get the TBR mountain down, I’d like to make a goal to use the local libraries. So again I’ll try for 6-10 books from the library (audiobooks/ebooks definitely count).


What’s In A Name

This is a long-running challenge and it strikes me as kind of fun. Basically you have the whole year to read 6 books which meet the criteria (particular words to appear in the title).


6 thoughts on “Book blogging challenges: 2015 edition”

  1. Wow, that’s still a lot of challenges, good luck with that!
    I’m sticking to my simple one, ” a book a week” on Goodreads, 52 books and I wasn’t going to put any restrictions on it but them was tempted by the Goodreads Group and bookshelf Around-the -World and decided to dedicate 25 of the books I read to be either written by or set in countries other than UK/US.

    Happy Reading!

  2. oh! Ada lovelace challenge! must look for that.
    Best to you – and I really need to look at the Classics challenge and get on board. I’m pretty sure just focusing on the classics and the 1001+ to Read Before Dying will cover it.

  3. Wow! That’s an impressive list of challenges. I’m currently participating in three (one of which I host), but that Aussie author challenge looks tempting………….

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