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Linky stuff for Saturday

Because… why not.

Jamie has some thoughts on the Sacrificial Lamb Book – you know, the one you read after you read a brilliant book, that you know you’re not going to love. At time of writing this, I read The Patron Saint of Liars in a day yesterday and am scared to open another book because I know I won’t love it as much. So naturally I’m blogging loads and listening to The Physicist watch Transformers 4 (obviously I’m not going to watch it…)

Amanda has some thoughts on “Have Babies, Keep Reading“. It’s a bit sweary for me, but I totally agree with the sentiment. Someone please remind me of it in February when I’m losing my mind about socks.

Over at the Worm Hole there are some thoughts on planning out your reading for the month. I’ve never really managed to do this although I would like to – I’m sort of the opposite of the opinion being expressed here. What do you think?

I love to read while on public transport. Particularly something really engrossing for when I have to get in a Flying Tube of Doom (the rest of you call them aeroplanes), but a really long train ride is the best. I read the first Hunger Games book on the London to Lancaster train (2 hrs and 20 minutes, since you ask) and was barely coherent when I got off. I have relished train travel to visit Ma and Pa Physicist because it’s 4 1/2 hours of uninterrupted reading time. Particularly if I splurge on First Class – then they bring you unlimited tea as well. People don’t normally try to talk to me on planes and trains (do I give off a particularly unfriendly vibe?) – but Book Riot has some tips on how to be left alone if people often bug you while you’re trying to read.

And finally – 35 Things To Do with All Those Books. The title says it all. I am a huge fan of #8, #15 (particularly the reading nook), a little bit of #28, and #34 is standard in this house.


2 thoughts on “Linky stuff for Saturday”

  1. I never plan my reading list… I think the one who can plan it and still do it according to plan, is amazing.

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