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The Sunday Salon – Slumpy


Really, really tired. I don’t know how I could have gone back to work this week – so I have no idea how anyone keeps working to 38 weeks of pregnancy or similar!

Have read a little bit… kept listening to Dreams from my Father, which has slid into a political bit that I’m not so interested in. Can’t quite bring myself to pick up Death on the Cherwell again (I’m about 60 pages in), even though I know I should just make a decision, either keep reading it or give up on it. And started on Steven Saylor’s Roman Blood which is ok, though a bit over-detailed for my liking. I think part of the problem with my reading at the moment is me – my concentration span is close to zero.
Other stuff this week… really not very much. I went to some classes at the hospital and the local NCT group. We played our usual pub quiz and came 3rd like we often do (no prize). I’ve watched a lot of cricket (the 4th Test match between Australia and India, endless Big Bash games…). I’m hoping to see Mockingjay Part I with a friend tonight but it depends on both of us staying awake until 8.10pm, which is in doubt.
I spilt water on my laptop just after Christmas and it seems to have mostly recovered, but some of the keys are still a bit uncooperative, like the Z key. Which means I occasionally have to remember how to type on a German keyboard setting (the easiest way to get to a Z is to change the keyboard setting to German, which switches the Y and Z from an English setting). Might have to go into work next week for an hour or so to get it fixed!

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Slumpy”

  1. Oh, I don’t miss these last months of pregnancy, mostly because of the tiredness and the swollen feet. I lived 5 minutes walk from work so would come home for a nap at lunch hour. I watched a lot of TV, mostly reality tv on TLC, which require a minimum of brain involvement (Say Yes To the Dress, Jon & Kate Plus 8, etc.). Good luck, almost there!

    1. Thankfully my feet seem pretty normal, but I’ve got a blend of cabin fever and exhaustion to which there is no answer! Although Death Came To Pemberley was a good attempt yesterday 🙂

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