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Top Ten Tuesday – I can’t believe I haven’t read…


February 3: I can’t believe I haven’t read (from X genre)…

I’m generalising to “I can’t believe I haven’t read” – i.e. non-genre specific.

1. Anything by Tolstoy, Waugh or Woolf. See my “I really must read the classics” list.

2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, I can believe I haven’t read this, because every time I try to read it, I get three pages in and it says “refer to all the things that happened in the Hobbit” so I go to read the Hobbit and I get so BORED.

3. Before I Go To SleepGone Girl and The Girl on the Train – all of which I own.

4. My huge collections of Sue Grafton, Clive Cussler and Elizabeth Peters books.

5. Wolf Hall, which I borrowed from the Musician about 5 years ago.

6. Anything by Ian Rankin. I own about 5-6 of his, but have never opened one.

7. Similarly, most of the books I own by Bill Bryson. I love his writing (see my reviews of his books on Australia and Britain). Why haven’t I read the rest?

8. My grandfather’s book Out of the West. We’re coming up to the 5th anniversary of his death, and I still haven’t cracked the spine of this monster of an agricultural study.

9. The Bible from start to finish.

10. In fact, I can just generalise this list to ALL THE BOOKS I OWN because there are so many of them!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – I can’t believe I haven’t read…”

  1. I haven’t read anything on your list either. Except for War and Peace by Tolstoy. Oh, and 2 other books by Bryson and not the two you’ve mentioned.

    If you ever need inspiration to read Wolf Hall, perhaps we could attempt it together? But I would advise you to enjoy motherhood first. I don’t think I could have faced a big book like that in the first few months. Then again, your experience may be completely different.

  2. I was going to write my own version of this list, but then I realised there are just too many books that I ‘should’ have read and haven’t!

    The only ones I’ve read from your list is Gone Girl (which I really do recommend) and the Lord of the Rings. You really DON’T need to have read The Hobbit, by the way – I read LOTR first and never suffered for it!

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