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Welcome to the Bookmark!

Baby RWT, henceforth Bookmark, finally made her appearance (very overdue) in late February. I am slowly emerging from the fog of the constant sleep-eat-repeat cycle she operates on – long enough to type a few words anyway.

We’ve been for a few long walks (she goes to sleep straight away) so I feel this may be the year of the audiobook.

I’m also hoping to finally get my reading mojo back (which disappeared along with any semblance of a waist in late pregnancy) – though I have bitten the bullet and am discarding vast numbers of my books because I am accepting that I will never get to read them and I’ve already moved house with them twice. Watch this space for a post on that topic.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bookmark!”

  1. Congratulations! Audiobooks will definitely be your friend, though I found I read more after having the kids because of all the time you spend doing feedings or unable to get up from the chair because the baby has fallen asleep on you and don’t dare move in case they wake up!

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