You know, stuff…

Ah, life with a newborn. Turns out, I don’t read when I’m in my house. And I’m always in my house these days.

So while I have several audiobooks on the go (essential for long pram walks), and I read something on my Kindle over the course of several nights a few weeks ago (while we were teaching Bookmark to go to sleep in her crib and stay that way), not much reading is happening here.

What audiobooks have I got on the go? (* marks affiliate links)

The 5th Flavia de Luce, Speaking from Among the Bones*. I was delighted to discover that Westminster Library had the audiobook through OneClick Digital – so easy to download straight onto my phone, and free. And listen to through Bluetooth headphones while I did some gardening…

Londoners*by Craig Taylor. I started this while I was pregnant and while I am enjoying listening to the stories, it seems harder to hang onto them in my mind than if I were reading them. Or something like that. I keep wanting to take notes, which is tricky when you’re out walking with a Bookmark.

Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Livesby Gretchen Rubin – I read her blog avidly and have enjoyed both of her previous books The Happiness Project and Happier At Home. In fact, it was Happier At Home that I re-read on the Kindle. I’m enjoying Better Than Before, but I have the same problem that I do with Londoners – I want to take notes!

Other things, not bookish, in my life…

I was talking about the Myers-Briggs personality test with a friend recently – so I re-took it and landed splat on the boundary between ISFJ and ISTJ. And those two are called The Nurturer and The Duty Fulfiller. So… no surprises there then.

On a similar theme, the Watson Personality Insights Demo analyses your writing (content, not handwriting)… and came out with some impressively accurate conclusions based on blog posts. I’d love to see the coding behind this one.


1 thought on “You know, stuff…”

  1. I completely understand about not reading much. It is so difficult to find time to open a book. I think I did better when Pim was still tiny because at least I could hold a book while I had him on my lap. I haven’t been able to do that for months since books seem to be particularly interesting to explore with your hands & mouth when you are a baby. (And I love the fact that he finds them so interesting, just also inconvenient at times :-p)

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