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To-do list

“I have my best ideas in the shower” says everyone.

I mostly remember things I need to do when I’m in the shower. By the time I’m out of the shower, I’ve forgotten them again. If only I had some way to write in the shower?

Enter the Bath Crayon.

The Hedge Fund Slave saw some in Stockholm airport and brought them back for Bookmark, and we draw cats and stars and ducks and goodness knows what on the walls of the bath during bath time. A stroke of genius has led me to commandeer the black crayon (which Bookmark never used) for the shower!


(These ones on Amazon – affiliate link – aren’t the exact ones that we have, but they look very similar – you get the idea.)


2 thoughts on “To-do list”

  1. Very impressive time management and list making! But does writing on the side of the bath translate to writing on walls, too?

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