Thoughts and other Miscellany

Things I learnt in May/June/July

  1. I like bullet journalling, even though I find it hard to do consistently.
  2. It takes longer to get to London Bridge than I think it does, and to leave the house with a one-year-old, and the combination is very very bad. But British Airways are lovely and don’t smirk at you when it transpires that you actually booked a flexible ticket and so can rebook without any hassle at all.
  3. Some unusual cricketing rules – I took an umpiring course in March and really enjoyed it!
  4. I can live without chocolate. But I don’t like living without it.
  5. Kids learn by example surprisingly fast. Bookmark likes to clean things. Obviously I spend too much of my parenting time cleaning!
  6. I really enjoy having a place to blog, even if I don’t do it often.
  7. Hobbies are much more fun when you’re not worried about doing them well.
  8. It’s really easy to lose a specific fitness (in my case, cycling) even though you are working on general fitness or a different specific fitness (5km running).
  9. Sometimes 6 USB ports aren’t enough.
  10. It’s really hard to tell black trousers apart in the dark.
  11. Soft play centres for kids are amazing.
  12. Sometimes I don’t want the reward, even when I’ve earned it.
  13. I can’t consistently get to sleep by 10pm.

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