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Ah, stationery. I’m not the only person who loves to spend time and money in a stationery shop, am I?

(side note – I cannot write “stationery” correctly first time, even though I know that “stationary” is a very different thing. Too many years of writing “stationary” in Physics homework)

It seems that for bullet journalling, pretty stationery is not absolutely necessary but very definitely encouraged.

My set-up is (click on pictures for Amazon links*):

A5 black Moleskine notebook with grid-ruled pages. The general bullet journalling community seems to encourage a grid rule, but I’m not sure I like it after a number of months. I’ll be going line-ruled next. The grid-rule is good for drawing grids of various sorts, but it takes me so long to draw up a month calendar that I have taken to printing out pre-designed grids like these ones and sticking them in.

Pilot v5 pens – I have loved these pens with a fierce passion since I was in high school. I still have my Physics IB (Higher level) revision book which I hand-wrote myself, using the standard blue Pilot v5. One day I’m going to treat myself to a 100x box of these. Or a 1000x box. What I particularly like about these is that they force me to write at a measured pace (and therefore neatly) and without pressing too hard on the paper (which I am generally inclined to do). What I dislike? They leak when taken on aeroplanes and then get ink all over the end of my fingers. So don’t fly with them.

Stabilo point 88 – just for when I feel like I need to mix up the colours a bit more. Someone gave me a 20-pack of these for a birthday present at some point, and they have occasionally been useful for filling in a cricket scorebook in glorious Technicolor, but otherwise I haven’t used them much. I don’t use them that much for the bullet journal either, to be honest, but they’re quite fun for making habit trackers colourful.

Other stationery I don’t use for bullet journalling but do use regularly or have used and loved in the past:

Disposable fountain pens – these have re-branded since I used to use them, but these ones in the picture look right. Many memories of doing maths AS level worksheets with these pens (my maths teacher used them too and had beautiful big round handwriting well suited to these pens. My handwriting has got smaller so I prefer the V5s now).

Magical stapler – when I went on secondment to Germany in 2009, I was given a batch of stationery and told to look after it otherwise I’d have to buy any replacements. Turns out, all 40 auditors at the bank had identical stationery, so we took to labelling ours with “I belong to X, give me back”. Anyway – I still have that stapler. It still has a label saying “I belong to Yvann” (in German). It’s the best stapler I’ve ever owned. You can reload it without accidentally using up a staple. It has a satisfying crunch. It’s never not stapled something (of reasonable thickness). I love it.

A quick inspection of my stationery drawer reveals lots more highlighters, biros, pencils (one of which I think I recognise from school?), matches, a hairbrush, semi-dead batteries, and sunglass lenses to clip onto reading glasses. Diverse.

What have I missed?

(this post is full of affiliate links – all the pictures take you through to an Amazon affiliate. If you purchase anything through any of these links, it is no extra cost to you, but a small percentage of your purchase price comes to me, which I put towards the running costs of the site)


1 thought on “Stationery”

  1. I love stationery and journals / notebooks! In fact, I recently bought a whole bunch of journals just because….I really couldn’t help myself. I recently “discovered” Midori Traveller’s Notebooks and just had to get one! I also recently discovered youtube videos of people flipping through their beautiful Midoris. Mine will never be as creative or beautiful so I just torture myself looking at others 😛

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