Thoughts and other Miscellany


Listening to Eliza Doolittle’s self-titled album on Spotify – the doodlepop is harmless enough Friday night music.

Wearing a lovely new top from Marks and Spencer, and at least 7-year-old second-hand yoga pants that are too big for me. And these socks. Which are German and amazing. (Click on the photo for an affiliate Amazon link).

Cycling again: I cycled to work 2 days this week, 2 days last week, and I’ve been cycling to my UVB appointments 3 lunchtimes a week (fastest method of transport in central London – if you don’t believe me, watch this Top Gear episode).

Deciding that life is too short to iron fitted shirts. I’ve got no problem ironing unfitted shirts (i.e. men’s shirts) because it takes about 90 seconds a shirt with The Hedge Fund Slave’s easy-iron shirts. My shirts, on the other hand, had a minimum of 5 panels, usually more, often thinner than the iron so all sorts of shenanigans were called for. NO MORE. I’m getting rid of any clothes that I have to iron.

Despairing of the world and its politics.

Being tired. THFS worked through the night on Tuesday night following the US election as the results came out, and has worked a lot of late nights leading up to that, so parenting’s been a bit one-sided around here. I need a break. Or more tea and sleep.

Watching The Good Wife with THFS, one episode every few days (we don’t get a lot of time to ourselves between Bookmark and THFS’s work.) It’s proving pretty good so far. Must go back and re-watch Suits. Also Gilmore Girls. And of course carry on watching The West Wing. This gif seems as appropriate as anything else right now:


Catching up with friends: on Thursday night I met up with two friends and then one had to get on a train but the other and I chatted until late and put the world to rights and laughed a lot and talked about the things that are important to us at the moment.

Eating whatever I can find in the fridge. It’s slim pickings at the end of a difficult week. Thanks to the family jetlag (see above), there’s been a lot of takeaway this week, and all the stuff I had planned out to cook is now in the freezer.

Reading! I sat on the floor of the loungeroom and benevolently ignored Bookmark as she identified trains and buses on her Thomas the Tank Engine domino cards (this is a one person activity. Any efforts to actually play dominos are speedily rebuffed), and read Howards End is on the Landing by Susan Hill, which I read half of on my recent trip to the USA. This time I’m reading it with my Book Darts, which are essential for marking excellent quotes. (I bought them at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, USA a few years ago; I can’t find them on the bookstore’s website, so I am regretfully linking up an Amazon link here)

Drinking decaf tea with lots of milk, obviously. Although I do have a nice Cucumber Mint blend from Whittards, which is weird but tasty.

Realising that cheap ironing board covers really aren’t worth it. Like cheap dishwasher tabs.

Looking forward to my birthday! Is there an age when you get too old to be allowed to be excited about your birthday? I haven’t hit it yet…



3 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. Seriously depressed about world politics but not yet despairing. That may come in the new year… In the meantime, looking forward to Christmas! How’s the new job? Xx

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