Thoughts and other Miscellany


Watching Play School – Everybody Sing! (1996) with Bookmark. Fun fact – this video is older than Mini-Me, and it’s still the best children’s TV I’ve seen. Second fun fact – one of the presenters is Philip Quast, who went on to become a West End star, singing the role of Javert in the 10th anniversary recording of Les Miserables (my favourite musical). The man has a voice like Nutella.

Feeling tired. I’ve had a horrible cold for the last week, which I picked up after Bookmark had already had it for a few days (and therefore we’d already had several nights of very broken sleep). I’m mostly over it now, apart from the occasional cough that makes me sound like I’m a 40-a-day smoker, but it takes a bad cold/cough to confine me to my bed/the sofa for 3 days.

On my Netflix account history are all 8 episodes of ITV’s Victoria, half of The Crown, and the start of season 3 of The Good WifeVictoria was entertaining enough, though I found it overly focussed on the romance when I actually wanted more politics because I know so little about that patch of history. Ditto The Crown I’m now finding more enjoyable now that the characters are all thoroughly established and it’s less of the Elizabeth/Philip courtship/wedding/early marriage material. Matt Smith absolutely steals the show as Prince Philip. We’re still very much enjoying The Good Wife, though when I binge-watched half a series back-to-back it got a bit soapy as all the personal storylines progressed too far.

“Sustained. For no other reason than for use of the pluperfect tense.”

Wearing the old faithfuls: size 11 bootcut long leg jeans from Jeans West (I own 3 pairs of these and have worn them for 4 years, except for 10 months where I wore the maternity version), my St John’s College, Oxford dark blue hoodie, and a pair of Ugg boots I stole (with consent) from the Musician. And my favourite glasses (a set of dark blue plastic frames from Karen Millen – I love the fact that they don’t have nose pieces).

Eating tripoline pasta, which I’ve never encountered outside Tesco in the last year. It’s like tagliatelle or pappardelle, but ridged/wiggly on both sides, so you end up with curled, wiggly pasta. Look it up (Proud Italian Cook has a good photo), it’s pretty cool.

Setting the alarm for 6.30am. Getting over the cold means I’m not going to be cycling into work, but I do need to allow extra time to walk slowly (so I don’t cause myself any coughing paroxysms*) and to buy a chocolate torsade at Waitrose…


*paroxysm is a very satisfying word! Like syzygy – by knowing the spelling of which, my grandfather once won a dial-in radio spelling bee.


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