Bookmark’s favourite books

It remains surprising to me that this list changes at least once a month! At 23 months, it looks like this:

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

epppI’m actually not such a fan of this one, because it is so ridiculous and has very little coherence, but woe betide you if you try to start bedtime reading with anything else! I think Bookmark likes pointing out the nursery rhyme characters that she knows – “bears hiding window” and “witch”. It mostly refers to more old-fashioned nursery rhymes that we don’t sing so much (Mother Hubbard and Tom Thumb).

(This seems to be a strong favourite as a gift to new parents – we not only inherited multiple copies from my family, but we were given at least two copies as well!)

Time For Bed, P. B. Bear by Lee Davis


This is a really simple board book going through the going-to-bed actions – tidying away toys, brushing teeth, putting on pyjamas and reading a book. Bookmark is fascinated with the stars on every page.

(This edition survived being loved by Mini-Me before Bookmark – but it is looking very loved these days!)

Time For Bed by Mem Fox


I only happened onto this because it’s by the same author as Where is the Green Sheep, which was a big discovery for us as a Bookmark book over Christmas. I love this book. We go through all the animals saying goodnight (“It’s time for bed, little cat, little cat; So snuggle in tight, that’s right, like that”) – and Bookmark points out the Mama animal and Baby animal on each page and tells me what noise they make. Apparently when she reads it with The Hedge Fund Slave they are Daddy animals and Baby animals. It’s unbearably cute.

Non-bedtime favourites include

Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox – great for adjective development. This was the first book that Bookmark was really willing to “read” to herself.



Edward the Emu and Edwina the Emu by Sheena Knowles. I love these. Bookmark mostly loves the lions in Edward and the exclamation “Yeek!” in Edwina.


edwards edwina

Bookmark has probably close to 100 books (counting board books and paper books, English and German, inherited from mother/aunt as well as presents and bought for her), so we cycle through them pretty regularly! If I’d written this last month, Goodnight Moon would have been on the list, along with Fox’s Socks – maybe they’ll make a future edition!


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