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Twitter holiday

There’s just too much coverage of Trump and Brexit on Twitter. So I’ve taken a bit of a Twi-holiday.

Admittedly I could tweak that by changing whom I follow, but on the whole I’m interested in what my lefty liberal feminist echo chamber on Twitter has to say, with splashes of London cycling and cricket, and people I actually know, so I didn’t want to go on a wholesale cull, I just needed a break.

It’s been more than two week now and I haven’t really noticed – it’s odd how easy it has been to break the habit. I mostly used Twitter on my phone so I just deleted the app. I sometimes check it from a computer, but it’s been easy not to type “” into the URL bar.

What I have found is that it is harder to waste time on my phone, and I do feel a bit out of the loop with some of my friends. On the former a) I should waste less time on my phone b) this is why I have the Kindle app, and on the latter, it has prompted me to reach out to friends by Whatsapp or text or (shock horror) in person.

I’m writing this the day after the attack on Westminster, and I’m actually glad I wasn’t on Twitter yesterday. I surprised myself with how calm I was about the attack – my philosophy on these things is broadly in agreement with the Mayor of London’s: it’s part of living in a big city. London has 1/6th of the population of the UK, so quite apart from any aspect of how it might be targeted as the capital, or the attractiveness of the London landmarks as targets, we should expect to have 1/6th of all incidents in the country. I probably checked BBC News every hour or so yesterday after the attack looking for updates, but it wasn’t as emotionally exhausting as it would have been to be glued to Twitter looking for every update.

So if you normally follow me over there and I’ve gone quiet, don’t fret, I’m ok!

And ironically, I’ll be posting a link to this blog post on Twitter…


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