Thoughts and other Miscellany

Bookmark #2

Well, Bookmark proved aptly-named, didn’t she? Have read maybe 15 books a year for the 2 years she’s been around (and I didn’t read much while pregnant with her either).

(photo credit – that is not my baby)

I’m going to need suggestions for blog nicknames for Bookmark #2 – due in late August! If nominative determinism is as strong as it seemed to be with Bookmark, names that will lead to more reading would be helpful!

Speaking of Bookmark, I think we’ve got a reader on our hands. During the day, we read:
Fox’s Socks
Postman Bear
– a very simple numbers book she has
Blue Hat Green Hat
Then at night we read:
Sleepy Farm x 2
Where is the Green Sheep (she read it once, then I read it to her)
Baby Boo x 2
then there was a tantrum because I refused to read Baby Boo again; THFS took over and later informed me that the tantrum was because I hadn’t read all the right books in order. Apparently we needed Time For Bed to finish off the routine!


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