Thoughts and other Miscellany

Bullet journal update

I seem to have a spasmodic relationship with my bullet journal. I love the idea, I’ve got quite enthusiastic about it a few times, but I can’t keep up the consistent habit. I’ve realised a few problems with what I was trying to do:
– wanting to have it be pretty and coloured with my favourite Pilot v5 pens meant that I was carrying around not only the BuJo but also a pencilcase full of pens
– wanting it to be pretty meant that I never just got it out for 2 minutes to scribble something quickly
– using a grid-ruled Moleskine didn’t work for me – the lines were just too small, and I was forcing myself into handwriting that isn’t natural for me.

I just need it to be a notebook. I need to just write stuff in it and not worry about what it looks like. I’m not someone who likes colouring (I bought Bookmark a dinosaur colouring book and while it’s fun to do with her, it’s not something i would sit down to do myself), so I’m not someone who is going to fill pages with pretty doodles all coloured in.

When I bought the Moleskine, I also bought a cheap non-brand journal, lined, from the same store just because it was a nice colour; it has a pen loop on the outside. I have a set of nice biros from my previous job which fit the pen loop well.

So now I’m doing biro, all one colour, in this lined journal and it’s going much more consistently. It’s only been a few days so I guess I’ll have to report back in due course, but hopefully this is the start of a better relationship with my BuJo!


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