Thoughts and other Miscellany

Quick thoughts: Joys of parenting

1. Checking on Bookmark before I go to bed – I never used to do it, but now that we leave her to go to sleep by herself, I have to take away any leftover milk in the bottle that she will have put down beside the bed when she’s finished drinking it, otherwise she’ll drink the leftover overnight milk in the morning and I don’t want those stomach bugs. So I go in to her room at about 10pm, take away the bottle, find the spare dummies she’s strewn around the bed, and pull the covers up for her. Those 30 seconds bring me so much joy, and I go to bed in a much better mood as a result.

2. Potty training – an adventure, and we’re not done with it yet, but based on what I’ve seen so far, the 3 day potty training method by Lora Jensen is pretty good. We adapted it (and I didn’t buy Lora’s eBook, naughty me), and it was good for us.

3. Discovering a new nap strategy – going for a walk, followed by a bus ride. Bookmark has never been easy to get to go to sleep (I hear this is an oldest child phenomenon?), and naps won’t happen unless they’re in the pram. THFS and I and Bookmark have walked miles and miles along every street* in Lambeth and Westminster on weekends trying to make naps happen. Turns out, a short walk followed by a bus ride (she stays in the pram) works pretty well. Maybe we won’t cover quite so many streets in the next few months.

*I exaggerate slightly. But only slightly.

4. Pride in themselves when they get something right – when Bookmark does a puzzle by herself (the alphabet puzzle from this Argos set is our favourite at the moment), she’s so delighted with herself. It’s gorgeous.

5. Finding dummies everywhere, even in your overcoat pockets. At least half of all days, particularly on Mondays or after a day when I’ve been at home with Bookmark, I reach into my overcoat pockets and find a dummy (“pacifier” for our friends over the pond) hiding in there. I’ve found dummies under my bed, in the washing machine, in the washing basket, in drawers in the kitchen, and on every bookshelf in the house. I’m developing superpowers at remembering where I last saw one.

6. “pease” and “dank you”. So cute. Also “sorry Mama”.


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