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Google freaks me out

Today I celebrated hiring a new permanent nanny by leaving Spud with her and going out to run errands without a baby in a pram/car seat/sling etc. Realising it was 11:54 and I’d never had breakfast, I stopped at my favourite neighbour deli/cafe/purveyor of yummy things Sally White’s and bought a delicious frittata.

Hmmmm, this is yummy. I should eat more of them.

I google “frittata” to find some recipes, but none of the recipes indicated how long it was safe to keep them in the fridge and I’m not committing to that kind of cooking every day.

I then google “how long does” and the autocomplete “frittata last in the fridge” came up.


I really hope Google was making a suggestion based on my recent history because if not, that is a coincidence that is just too much.


(PS any recommendations for frittata-ing?)


4 thoughts on “Google freaks me out”

  1. With regards to frittatas, I have no knowledge to share. I do, however, share your thoughts regarding Google. I know some people who are VERY freaked out by it as well as some that will not create an account or use it as a search engine for this reason. I may be deluding myself but I prefer to think of it as a very intuitive and convenient friend who almost always knows what I want.

    Congrats on hiring a new nanny! I remember the first time I left the house after I hired mine. It was her first day of work actually. I thought I’d stick around for a few days to make she was getting on okay but then she was there and I was like “I gotta get outa here!”.

  2. I cook frittatas pretty often, divide them up and then use them for lunches for the week. So 4 days..
    I use my cast iron pan and just throw whatever veg needs using in, about 6 eggs and cheese. They are hard to get wrong!

  3. Google freaks everyone out. It’s only called ‘Google’ because ‘Big Brother”s already taken… Re frittatas, you can actually freeze slices of them for lunches: they’ll keep for a month frozen. Great vegetables to throw in are mushrooms (sliced),capsicum, left over cooked broccoli, peas, spinach, potato, sweet potato or pumpkin. Number of eggs depends on the size of your ovenproof pan: 4 eggs for a 24cm pan, 6 eggs for a 28 inch, plus around a cup of grated cheddar cheese.

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