The Lost Booker Prize


Troubles – J. G. Farrell


The Birds on the Trees – Nina Bawden

The Bay of Noon – Shirley Hazzard

Fire From Heaven – Mary Renault

The Driver’s Seat – Muriel Spark

The Vivisector – Patrick White


The Hand-Reared Boy – Brian Aldiss

Trespasses – Paul Bailey

A Little of What You Fancy? – H. E. Bates

A Place in England – Melvyn Bragg

Down All the Days – Christy Brown

Bomber – Len Deighton

The Circle – Elaine Feinstein

A Clubbable Woman – Reginald Hill

I’m the King of the Castle – Susan Hill

A Domestic Animal – Francis King

Out of the Shelter – David Lodge

A Fairly Honourable Defeat – Iris Murdoch

Fireflies – Shiva Naipaul

Master and Commander – Patrick O’Brian

A Guilty Thing Surprised – Ruth Rendell


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