Who’s Eating All the Chocolate/Drinking All The Tea?

Hello there!

I’m Yvann. I like reading, drinking tea, eating chocolate, to-do lists and multitasking. Also cricket and cycling.

I’m 30, until recently working as an accountant with a Big 4 firm in London and now as a management accountant with a sports venue (and also part-time – very part-time – as a German-English translator). I studied physics at uni (Oxford) and modern languages after uni (Open Uni). I had the good fortune to choose parents who love languages, so I grew up bilingual (in German) and with a smattering of other European languages (which made the language degree easier). I used to play a lot of cricket, quite well actually; now I mostly administer cricket with a bit of playing and umpiring.

I live in East South central south-west London with my ex-physicist now hedge-fund-slave husband, who’s tall and skinny and Scottish and very very clever, and our small children, Bookmark and Spud. I am actually Australian, but no one seems to believe me when I say that. Given my Irish first name and heritage, Croatian grandmother and German birth, that’s not really surprising, is it?

This used to be a book review blog and then I mostly stopped reading when I had Bookmark, but I had a lot more time to think about everyday life, so I’m trying to re-launch this as a more “general thoughts” blog.

If you’d like to say hello, use the email me link on the front page, or find me here on LibraryThing or here on Bookmooch or here on Goodreads.


11 thoughts on “Who’s Eating All the Chocolate/Drinking All The Tea?”

  1. Ohh no! Sorry to hear your classics binge was stopped by the likes of Dickens, he’s a tricky, over wordy fella. I had to study Oliver Twist for English when I was younger and after swore I would never go near him again! Five/six years later though I found myself picking up Great Expectations and adoring it. 🙂

    Good luck with your reading and tea drinking Yvann, I’m a big fan of the combination too. 😉

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog! I studied physics in university too 🙂 My reading list is a constant tussle between the classics (which I would love to become better read on) and the New York Times bestsellers (which I feel compelled to read to keep current). I look forward to getting reading inspiration from your posts!

  3. I always enjoy these posts and appreciate how analytical (and transparent) you are about your blog income. Though I have no plans to monetize my little blog, I still find the concept so interesting and learn a lot from you! You’ve worked so hard on quality content and I’m glad to see that well-deserved upwards trend on your pageviews. Looking forward to more great posts in the year to come 🙂

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